Please Vote

In the U.S., tomorrow is Election Day, and it is not looking very good for progressive-thinking members of our country.  Please see if you can make an impact.

Reasons To Vote

Just remember, the result of this election will dictate many things into the future.

With both houses of Congress controlled by Republicans, appointing positions like the Surgeon General will become virtually impossible.

More women’s rights will be whittle away.

Chance for immigration reform becomes unlikely.

If a new Supreme Court Justice needs to be appointed, we’re most likely not going to get the one we want.

Then there are all the local and state elections that are having more and more of an impact on our lives.

Current Crocheting/Knitting

Work has been progressing on the Spiked Crochet Afghan and it’s looking better and better.

Spiked Crochet Afghan 11-03-14-3

Since most of this afghan is made with Rowan yarns, I had the opportunity to show it to two Rowan superstars this past weekend.  One of them opted to model it for me.

Spiked Crochet Afghan Babushka

Said model shall remain nameless.  I also got home from this lovely luncheon with a couple of extra photos of this model on my camera.  My life is complete.

Can’t wait for my next sock project (I MUST wait until I finish my current sock project) using MJ Yarns Rustic Fingering Weight.

MJ Yarns Fingering

First off, “rustic” is definitely not the word I would have used to describe this yarn.  It’s a Corriedale and Nylon blend sock yarn and it is gorgeous and has a very nice hand.  I hand-wound both balls (which I like to do to get a feel for the yarn) and the amount will make two pairs of socks.  The two colors are Cerulean Twilight and Peasant.  I love them BOTH.


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