Finishing Up A Knitting Project

Finishing On a Roll

With two recent projects finished (scarf and racing stripe pullover – see below), I feel like I’m on a roll with completing projects.

Focus, Focus, Focus

A few blog entries ago, I realized I had a bit too many outstanding works in progress…even for me.
I decided I needed to focus on one at a time (at least as much as I could) and work to get some of these projects in the “complete” column of my to-do list.
I haven’t been completely successful in single-focused working on projects, but enough so that I could at least complete two of the projects and leave fewer outstanding distractions when I work on completed the other projects.

Current Knitting

The Racing Stripe pullover in Madeline Tosh yarn is now complete!
Racing Stripe Pullover 11-10-14(1)
Well, almost complete.  I still have a few ends to weave in, and I need to block it.  I did try it on, and I love how this garment turned out.  After it’s blocked, I’ll post a photo or two of what it looks like in use.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Gypsygirl, regarding the scarf I made with the two colors of MJ Yarns, writes, “I am enamored with this scarf and the pattern. Your color choices are just fantastic! I didn’t see any mention of a pattern name, did you create the pattern yourself? It’s absolutely beautiful.”
In this case, the color choices were really Jonathan’s (the owner of MJ Yarns), but I agree with you, I love them.  I was hoping to publish this pattern, but I don’t think it works that well with melding two contrasting colorways as well as the Cross Stitch Scarf or the Bright Lizard Scarf.  Either of them would be better for this yarn, and I think I have enough yarn to do another scarf in the same two colorways.  If you must do the same pattern stitch, it’s an Open Chevron pattern stitch from Barbara Walker’s first treasury, done lengthwise.
Connie asks, “How do you wind balls that look like that? Is it machine aided or totally by hand. I want to know how!”
It’s totally hand wound…and really quite easy, although like DianeInChico rights, it takes a LOT longer than with a ball winder, and sometimes there is no benefit to it at all.  I did a quick one-minute tutorial on hand winding yarn balls…I still have bed-hair in the video and I look a mess, but I figured blog readers are like family, and the video only lasts a minute!
For hand winding on a nostepinne, I’d recommend this video.

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