Learn to Knit – Best Tutorial

A friend of mine recently asked me for the best online tutorial for learning to knit, and I honestly had no idea what was out there.

Online Resources – Learning To Knit

The request started me on a quest to wade through the tons of video tutorials on learning the basics of beginner knitting.

Here are my top three resources.  My evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  1. Clear, simple instructions
  2. Easy to follow videos of the techniques of casting on, knitting, purling and casting on
  3. Presentation that wasn’t weird, or quirky
  4. Short or innocuous advertising on the video screen

Not all of my three top choices met all the criteria, but they met enough of them to let someone learn the basics of knitting and get to the point where they could say they knew how to knit.

Top Choice: –


In addition to having very clear videos (for the most part) for the major techniques in beginning knitting, they also had an easy to follow menu at the top listing the different topics (Getting Started, Cast On, Knit, Purl, etc.).

Second Choice:
Vantha Sao’s YouTube Channel –


Overall, had all the basics in the various videos on her channel.  Instructions were clear, although it’s geared to a young audience (and the camera keeps switching to them).

Third Choice:
Lion Brand Learn to Knit Online –


Very short, succinct videos that give you the very basics with no fluff.  They don’t teach the long-tail cast-on as the way of casting on (which I find annoying), but they do have great drawn graphics of the technique which would be a great supplement to the videos if I were learning to knit today.

If you have resources that you think are better, leave them in comments so this can be a resource for anyone looking for the best options.

Current Knitting

I’ve made some modicum of progress on both the Spiked Crochet Afghan and my current sock project.  Photos in the next blog entry.

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