Cleckheaton Superfine Merino Yarn Kit

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Another Reason to Love Australia

Cleckheaton has started putting out a new line of Superfine Merino from Australia, and they were kind enough to send me a hat kit with their new yarn.

Their yarn is the same base fiber as the yarn from KPC Yarns, with a few differences.  First of all, this is identified as 8 ply or what I’d probably call DK weight yarn (approximately).  Second, Cleckheaton thought it would be a good idea to send a “kit” which spotlighted their yarn, and I think that was a smart way to market a yarn gift.  Finally, Cleckheaton writes a lot about how much care they take with their relationship to the farms that raise their sheep, making sure to mention that they don’t use any farms the use mulesing to protect their Merino sheep from flystrike.

This is definitely a company I would purchase yarn from because of their care.

Plus, the yarn is some of the softest I’ve ever touched and I like the colors they sent…safe and conservative perhaps, but beautiful.

Current Knitting

Worked a lot on my current Cascade Scarf #4 so I could get to the stripe where I introduce the third (and last color) into the design.

Cascade Scarf 12-05-2014

I kind of took the advice of “Anonymous Too”, who suggested that before the scarf got too big, take it to my local yarn store and look at my options.  Actually, I pulled out all my DK weight yarn  where I had enough for this design (which is almost like going to a yarn store it turns out) and chose my favorite color combination.

I’ll really look forward to getting to the solid red section of the scarf to see how I really like it…and confirm I have enough to finish the design as specified in the pattern (with my adaptations).


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