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Openings and Closure

With the beginning of a new year, I’ve had a lot of things going on in my knitting universe.

When One Door Opens…

It’s hard to believe that the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat is going into its eighth year, but it is.  We just opened up registration for the 2015 retreat, and it’s already almost full, which is great news.

I think I’ve gushed enough about how amazing it is to be around a group of guys who all share a similar passion, and in the past two years, we’ve invited new knitters to help encourage their passion for fiber arts as well.  So far this year, we have 35 guys registered (we start a waiting list at 40).  30 of the guys are returning retreaters and 2 of the 5 new guys are relatively new to knitting.

If history is any indicator, we’re in for an amazing retreat in May.

If you, or someone you know had plans to join us this year, make sure you move quickly.

…Another Door Starts to Close

I just began the process of “finishing” a project that has been in progress for over 10 years.

Kid Alpaca Blanket 01-07-15 Edging

Yes, the kid alpaca blanket is starting to be finished.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not sure I won’t be adding a bit more length to it, but I thought it was time to at least start attaching the edging to the bottom edge of the blanket to make sure I liked it before I knit up yards and yards of it.

Kid Alpaca Blanket 01-07-15

Fortunately, I love the edging…I think it finishes off the blanket in a very smart looking way.  Plus, it’s nice have this soft and warm blanket covering my legs while I watch television on cold Winter nights.

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