Yarn Bombing 2

Yarn Bombing

Recently, I’ve been asked to coordinate yarn bombing for two different events.  To both, I declined for a number of reasons, but I did wake up at 2:30 this morning wondering exactly how one goes about yarn bombing.

Mostly, I don’t have the time to knit up fabric that will drape over public structures.  In addition, at least in one case, I didn’t think I’d have enough creative vision to make something spectacularly beautiful…I was afraid after all was said and done, it would look dumpy and stupid.

Fiber Terrorism – Not For Me

But how do you yarn bomb?

  • Do you go and measure all the surfaces you want to cover with knitted/crocheted fabric beforehand?
  • Do you have to make all fabric in acrylics?
  • Do you bang out rolls of knitted fabric on a knitting machine?
  • Do you need to coordinate colors and fabrics if others are helping to create materials?
  • Do you sew the fabric on?  Crochet it on? Use duct tape?  Plastic ties?
  • Do you do it in the secret, dark of night?

I should have known someone would have documented some of these answers.  Bali of “Twilight Taggers” details here some of the answers and tips to getting some public items covered in  yarn.

Even more so, I don’t think this is an activity for me.

Current Knitting

I worked like a dog, and finished knitting up the pair of socks using ScrumptuousPurl yarn from Espace Tricot in Montreal.

ScrumptuousPurl Socks Done 1

ScrumptuousPurl Socks Done 2

I’m more than pleased with how they came out.  You’ll note they pretty much match (not one knot in the 400 or so yards of yarn

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