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Damn Cold

And, while I do mean the weather, I also mean my health…I caught a cold and I’m on my third day of misery.

Hate Being Sick

I’m not often sick, but when I am I suffer.

And to continue on my whining, why is it that when you need sleep the most, a cold seems to make it much more difficult?

Fortunately, most of my colds last for 3 days and then go away…that will mean this should be the last day of this monstrosity.

What makes it even worse is that now that I work from home, taking a sick day is next to impossible…I mean if you’re going to be miserable anyway, you might as well be working seems to be the working philosophy.

Current Knitting

Despite my current snot-fest, I have been getting some knitting done.

With Thaddeus’ birthday coming up later this month, I thought I’d finally make a pair of socks.

Thad Socks Close 02-04-15

His birthday is Valentine’s Day, so the pink is intentional.  I’ve also added a patch of ribbing on the top of the foot so that the socks will stay snug on his narrow foot.  10 days left to finish these, so I better get cracking.

My niece, also let me know that the blanket that I knit for her was stolen by a roommate of hers, so she needs another one.  Since it has to be machine washable, I needed to buy some acrylic yarns, so I went with two colorways of Lion Brand Unforgettable yarn.

Lion Brand Unforgettable Close

I’m doing just a simple linen stitch blanket in alternating stripes of the two colorways, and it’s coming out nicely.

Unforgettable Blanket Close02-04-15

The linen stitch does a great job of blending variegated colorways, and this yarn isn’t awful to work with.

Readers’s Comments/Questions

GypsyGirl writes, “I have some of the Hot Socks yarn. I bought it with the intention of learning to knit socks and then using the Hot Socks for my daughter. Fail. DPNs and I do not get along. Anyway, I was going to ask what you thought of the Hot Socks, how it felt to you. When I received it I loved the colors but it felt, to me, like how dollar store socks feel. You know, the kind that make your feet feel all sweaty. Perhaps it washes up nicer?”

This is my first experience with Hot Socks and while I love the neon colors, I’m not at all impressed with the quality of wool.  It’s coarse and splits easily.  Fortunately, I only plan on using this yarn for toes and heels, and I’ll let you know how it washes up when I try that.

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