Green Tea Latte Japanese

It’s Not Easy Being Green

The Muppets and Kermit the Frog had a lot of great lessons, especially when it came to helping children understand differences and diversity.

Loving Differences

Every once in a while, I get to witness someone embracing what sets them apart…their queerness, if you will and it’s inspiring.

A friend of mine just returned from Japan and she brought back two things that the Japanese have taken to a delightful extreme.

Green Tea KitKat Green Tea Latte Mix

Green Tea KitKats (which are sweet and delicious!) and Green Tea Latte mix (which is surprisingly tasty).   I love when someone can take something somewhat odd to begin with and take it to extremes.  I don’t always have to love the result, but I love that they can enthusiastically embrace the uniqueness.  Plus, the latte was delicious – plenty of matcha (green tea) flavor and the KitKats didn’t have a lot of matcha flavor, but they were sweeter than standard and they were green!

Finn wanted to know all about both of them.

Finn 02-08-15

Current Knitting

Still racing to finish my current pair of socks for Thaddeus’ birthday this coming Saturday.

Thad Socks 02-09-15

I’m pleased with the progress so far and I should get them finished, blocked and wrapped in time.

I also wrote up the first draft of the pattern for these socks (what a pain for something I just do off the top of my head).  I plan on test-knitting them and taking lots of tutorial-like photos of the socks while I make them to include in the pattern.

Not sure how I’ll publish the pattern or whether I’ll charge for it…I hate publishing free patterns…it seems the most questions and complaints come from the free patterns, but I have time to decide on this anyway.

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