QueerJoe’s Brush with Fame and Riches

Sometimes it’s amazing to realize what I can be exposed to in my day-to-day life.

Hobnobbing With a One Percenter

It was recently announced that the largest ever donation to Princeton University was made by William Scheide, who died this past November, and left Princeton his collection of rare books and printings.

Here’s Princeton’s version of the event.

Turns out that I met Mr. Scheide, shortly before he died.  At my friend Charles’ retirement reception in July, I blogged about meeting a blog reader there.  Also at the reception was Mr. and Mrs. Scheide and I got to meet both of them.  Charles had worked closely with the Scheide’s and was one of the few people that actually had access to the vault that stored the more valuable items in the library, so I had often heard of Mr. Scheide and his amazing collection of books and manuscripts.

But for some reason, getting to read about some of the details of what was actually in the collection, made me a bit giddy to have actually met the man.

No, I’m not at all immune to being starstruck…even by an understated star like William Scheide.

Current Knitting

I started work on another pair of socks (Thaddeus seems to have liked the pair he got for his birthday!).

Sock Heel 1

This is my test-knitting sock and the one I will use to show photos of various sections of the pattern.  As soon as this first sock is complete, I will finally publish the pattern for QueerJoe’s Standard Toe-Up Sock.

I also added another 9 or 10 inches onto the linen stitch blanket.

Unforgettable Blanket 02-18-15

This blanket definitely doesn’t have the width I’d like it to have, so I will definitely be making borders that are wider on the edges than at the top and bottom.

Finn seems to find the blanket comfortable and warm during this frigid Winter.


Finn 02-14-2015

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