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Am I the Only Person on the Planet That Doesn’t Like Nutella?

Just Don’t Get It

I’ve never been crazy about chocolate…I mean, I like chocolate because it’s sweet and I like sweet, but I’d just as soon eat jelly beans than chocolate.  And I love peanut butter.  And I find it hard to find any readily available candy that I like better than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

But there is NOTHING I find appetizing or appealing about Nutella.

It’s goopy texture is completely unappealing.  It has a drab dirt color.  And the taste is just plain awful.

What is it that I’m missing here?

I’ve seen Pinterest postings for recipes for everything from Nutella cookies, to protein shakes and even Nutella panna cotta.

I only have one word…”yuck.”

Current Knitting

I got a bit distracted on my two current projects.  It seems Thaddeus found an old London Beanie that I made years ago.

Noro Beanie

Whenever his hair wasn’t looking good this Winter, he’d throw on this old rag, and never fail, he’d get at least a couple of compliments on what a great hat it is.  Really!?!?

So his hairdresser went gaga over the hat and asked if he could buy it…so I made a few more of them with Noro Kureyon I had hanging around (they take about 2 hours to make).

Noro London Beanies

He loved the middle one on of the top three, and now Thaddeus won’t have to tip him next time he has his hair cut.

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