The Color Genius of Koigu

The ladies of Koigu have always made an amazing product when it came to their yarns, but their designs are really starting to match the spectacular beauty of their colors.

Latest Koigu Pattern Book

If you’re crazy about color (like I am), and you like/love shawls, there is a new design book you must get…even if you just use it for inspiration or to see brilliant ways of mixing stitch patterns with handpainted yarns like Koigu.

Wrapped in Color Koigu Book

I was fortunate to have gotten an advanced copy of  Wrapped in Color: 30 Shawls to Knit in Koigu Handpainted Yarns, which ships in less than 2 weeks (March 17th), but can be ordered now.  The book is filled with 30 shawl patterns in varying weights of yarn.

I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in the rich, vibrant colors (they’d say colours)…especially when they use multiple colorways and interesting stitch patterns that  show off the yarns to their best advantage.  A perfect example is the “Alligator” shawl in the book.


I’ve designed a number of items using Koigu KPPPM, and found the secret of blending multiple colorways of Koigu into one garment, is to use a stitch pattern that blends the colors by intermixing different rows of knitting (as with slip stitch patterns, or like Alligator above, with elongated stitches).  This book is chock-full of those kinds of patterns and shawl designs.

This is my favorite Koigu pattern book so far…so glad to have it in my library.

Current Knitting

Finished the socks in Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn.

Noro Silk Garden Sock 03-06-2015

I couldn’t have found a better project to complete for this color-filled blog entry today.  One thing I can say about Noro is that their colors are fantastic.

Noro Silk Garden Sock 03-05-2015

Noro Silk Garden Sock 03-04-2015

Adding the neon pink yarn as the contrasting toe and heel might have made this pair of socks a bit clownish looking, but I love them anyway and not many people will get to see the foot of the sock when I wear them anyway.

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