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Questionable Road Sign

For the 26 years I’ve lived in my current town, there has been a sign about 3 miles from my home that alerts me I’m driving in an area with a deaf child.

What?  What?

Okay, first of all, I guess this sign warns drivers that their horn might not warn a child running out into a busy street and screams from the child’s horrified parents might not be heard either.

But two issues I have with this sign.

First, it’s posted on a road where the speed limit is 45 MPH, so I would suggest that a fence preventing the child  from running out into the road might be a better idea than a sign warning drivers of a deaf child.

Second, this sign has been up in the same place for 26 years now.  Is this person still a child?  Does the “child” still live at its parents’ house?

Suffice it to say, I don’t slow down in that area.

Current Knitting

I was re-organizing my stash a few weeks ago and found a zip-loc bag with some light gray knitted fabric in it.  I realized it was the two main sections of the men’s underpants pattern I have posted in my sidebar.

When I opened it up yesterday, I realized I only needed to knit up a small diamond-shaped gusset for the crotch, sew up the garment and sew on some buttons.  But there was no extra yarn in sight anywhere.   I decided to just use a totally contrasting color of leftover sock yarn, and in a few hours, I had a new pair of warm, woolen underwear!

Mens Underpants 03-09-2015

I know the cobalt blue gusset looks a bit like a very cold, shaved vagina, but when I wear them, that part pulls down in between my legs in a way that doesn’t make it look so obvious.  But they fit perfectly, and they are very warm…I actually wore them most of the day yesterday and found them incredibly comfortable.

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