So Gay

Knitting, Spinning AND the Use of “Gay”

Have you seen the “Gay Sweater?”

QueerJoe is So Gay

Some folks would say I’m being too politically correct when I take exception when someone uses the term “gay” as a derogatory way of describing something or someone.  But if you try to personalize it, and imagine someone hijacking a term that describes your people, and using it as a generic insult, it’s easier to see how demeaning it is.

I love this video in that it combines at least three of my passions, spinning, knitting and gay social issues all in one project.

Please like this video, share this video and tell all your friends…I personally plan on seeing who advertises on this video and seeing if I can support those businesses too.

Current Knitting

Work has been phenomenally hectic and busy lately, including traveling to Upstate NY both last week and the first two days of this week, so the best I’ve got is some progress on my current sock project.

QJ Sock 03-25-2015

I’ve turned both heels and now I just have the leg portion of both socks to go.  I think this pair of socks will quickly become my favorite…I’m really loving everything about them.

Has anyone had the chance to try the QueerJoe sock recipe yet?  I’ll have to check if there are any projects listed on Ravelry.

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