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Always The Right Season

When it comes to knitting, and knit-related gifts, it is never NOT the season for them.

Other Interests

I know some folks that switch from fiber-related pursuits in the Winter, to gardening in the Spring and Summer.

While I used to love having a vegetable garden, I never really found flower gardening or landscaping appealing at all.  I also now live in a townhouse with a very small plot of land that has restrictions on how the yard can be used, and I doubt they’d approve a vegetable garden in my back yard.

Not that I’d have much time, since I prefer to knit, even in the Spring and Summer.  I’ve had big blankets in my lap that I’ve worked on during the hottest of summer days.

I also don’t mind giving warm gifts of knitwear during the warmer seasons.

Current Knitting

I ended up finishing the linen stitch blanket for my niece using two colorways of Lion Brand Unforgettable yarn.

Unforgettable Blanket Finished full

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