Not a Fan of Being Fooled

I never really understood why April Fool’s day was such popular thing.

Just Seems Mean

I rarely see an April 1st joke that isn’t at least a little mean…where the “fool” is the butt of some cruel or semi-cruel joke.

Having grown up in a large family, we were always trying to “get one over” on each other, but I know I don’t like being made a fool and I honestly don’t even find it that funny when someone else is made a fool for the laughter of others.

I guess I can appreciate a clever prank that takes imagination.  Even when it’s played on me.  I can think of one time when coworkers went out of their way to make me believe I had to return to an angry client after months of being away from the project.  The relief of knowing it was all a prank was a HUGE relief and I did laugh, even though the joke was on me.

But I’d still prefer to be under the misguided notion that I’m not a fool.

Current Knitting

After finishing the blanket, I did continue a little bit on my current pair of socks.

QJ Sock 04-01-2015

I also started a new project of a pair of gloves…I’m test-knitting for Aaron, and the pattern is by far, the best glove pattern I’ve ever used.

Cabled Gloves 03-31-2015

A couple years ago, Aaron made me a pair of these as a gift for coordinating the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat, and Thaddeus wore them this past Winter…and RAVED about them.  Of course he never raves about my knitting.  They’re very tightly knit, very warm and supposedly practically waterproof when shoveling snow.

When the pattern becomes available publicly, I’ll let y’all know.

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