Places of Serenity

Are there places for you, where you just feel at peace whenever you’re there?

Aries With Pisces Rising

My birth date would indicate that I’m an Aries, which is a fire sign, but I have always found peace and serenity near water.  I love rivers, streams, oceans, beaches, puddles, baths…even rain storms I find soothing.  My moon sign is Pisces, which is a water sign, so I guess I still fit within the confines of the astrology rules.

Two particular places I always immediately relax are in Cape May, NJ and Easton Mountain Retreat Center.

Cape May and Easton Mountain

My first visit to Cape May, was the first time I ever felt like my shoulders immediately detached from my ears and I was able to relax completely.  Cape May is the Southernmost beach in New Jersey and has beautiful, old Victorian houses and hotels.  I haven’t been there in years now, but just thinking about it puts me in my happy place.

Easton Mountain has a beautiful pond as the requisite water-feature for me and the people that it attracts are wonderful.  As I head back up there for the 8th Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat next month, I look forward to long soaks in the hot tub, sitting peacefully by the pond and absorbing the rich, earthy peacefulness that I find there every time I go.

Where do you go when you need to unwind?

Current Knitting

I finished the linen stitch scarf I’m making as a donation to the 15th anniversary auction for Easton Mountain.

Unforgettable Scarf

Scarf on Joe

It’s nice and long (about 5 feet), and it will be a soft, warm and colorful accent for whomever shouts out the highest bid for it at the auction.

I also did a little bit more work on the next niece’s blanket.

Sadie Blanket Graphic

I’m loving the color variations and I’m still not too sure about the fabric texture and drape.

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