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We All Know CPR, Right?

I used to train every year in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR when I was an employee in an office setting.  It’s been years, since I had any training, and I noticed things have changed since then.

Selfish Reasons

For two very selfish reasons, I want as many people to know CPR and basic first aid, like the Heimlich maneuver as possible.

The first is obvious…I’m old and have a a large family history of heart disease.  I try to stay fit with diet and exercise and I don’t smoke or drink, but I’m still likely to have heart disease.

The second reason is a situation that happened to me a few years ago.  I was in a steak house with 5 other co-workers and started to choke on a piece of steak that I hadn’t chewed properly, and I realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t going to be able to swallow or expel the meat in my throat.  One of my co-workers noticed I was struggling and asked if I was okay and I shook my head “no” and it soon became clear that not one of the five people at the table knew how to do the Heimlich maneuver.

Fortunately, when I stood up, I was able to dislodge the steak from my throat myself and I was fine…it all took less than 30 seconds.  But I was amazed to confirm that not one of the five adults at the table knew what to do.

Be prepared to save a life…especially if you hang out with me a lot.  Thanks!

Current Knitting

Work was progressing just fine on the latest niece’s blanket.

Niece Blanket 04-15-2015

But I was being nagged by two issues with the design of the blanket.  First off, I was thinking the fabric was too dense and not drapey enough.  I usually have a rule of thumb that if I consider ripping out a design 3 times because of the same issue, it’s time to rip.  But my decision was really make for me when my two-sided cable wasn’t matching the row gauge for the rest of the blanket.

Niece Blanket 04-15-2015 Cable

See how it blistered out at the bottom and also at various points along the cabling.  With both these issues, I decide to start again.  This time on larger needles and changing my two-sided cable to a double-knitting version of the cable which matches the row gauge perfectly.

Niece Blanket 04-17-2015

It will take a bit longer to finish the blanket now that I’ve restarted it, but I will sleep better at night.

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