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Happy Earth Day 2015

So…what are you planning on doing for Earth Day this year?

Do You Celebrate?

Focusing one day a year on trying to repair the devastation we’ve done to this planet just doesn’t seem sufficient.

The fact that we’ve pretty much ignored climate change and making any efforts to make changes that will affect the lives of our youth saddens me more than I can say.

I read a comment somewhere that the U.S. is looking for some leadership in this area, and I think I actually snorted derisively.  I think about how Al Gore tried to take a leadership role and expended enormous money and energy trying to bring awareness to this critical issue, and more than ignore, he was belittled.

And then you have morons like Ted Cruz calling himself the Galileo of his time…really?!?!

Sad, to say, but I’ve kind of given up…so no, I don’t celebrate Earth Day.

I have replaced all my light bulbs with LED bulbs, and while it’s a miniscule way of helping, I will encourage others to do so anyway.  One of the BEST benefits of putting an LED bulb in my outside fixtures is that they don’t attract bugs!  Did you know that?  It’s quite amazing that I don’t have to incessantly clean out spider webs, and dead bug carcasses from my outside lighting fixtures…almost miraculous, in fact.

There, I’ve done my part.  What have you got?

Current Knitting

Finished my latest pair of QueerJoe’s Socks, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

QJ Sock 04-21-2015

QJ Sock 04-22-2015

QJ Sock 04-24-2015

First of all, I highly recommend Trekking XXL sock yarn.  It’s durable, has decent yardage and works with my gauge better than any other sock yarn.  These socks fit me like they were made for my foot and leg and I will definitely be using this pair as the model for the toe-up sock pattern I put up on Ravelry a couple months ago.

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