MSKR 2015 Packing

First Day – Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat

Packed up a boatload of stuff (Finn needed to help).

Arrived to a incredible weather (not what was forecast) and already my shoulders are unglued from my ears.

MSKR 2015 - Joe arrival


Before arriving at Easton Mountain, I stopped to meet Jeff and John for lunch…it was Turkish food at Ali Baba’s in Troy, NY.


Then, to our delight, after unpacking endless boxes of retreat materials, we got to take a dip in the pool.  It was BEAUTIFUL.

MSKR 2015 Easton Mountain Pool New

To give you a little perspective on where the pool is.

MSKR 2015 Easton Mountain Pool New from afar

There are 7 guys who showed up today…Jack, John, Jeff, Nick, Ron, Phil (J.) and me.  We’re expecting about 5 or 6 more tomorrow.

I kept trying to get photos of the 7 of us, but my camera and all of us were never together at the same time.

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