MSKR 2015 - Christopher

Revved Up For Another Year

This year’s Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat was again phenomenal!  It will never cease to amaze me what a fantastic group of guys this event attracts.

The Men in MSKR

This post will be photos of the men who attended this year with no commentary (other than any you leave).  Hopefully the bliss and joy in their eyes will tell you all you need to know about how the retreat went this year.  I was originally planning on posting blog entries every day of last week and weekend, but the WiFi was painfully slow and I just couldn’t spend the time.

There were 46 guys at the retreat this year, and I fell in love with each and every one of them again.

Deck of guys knitting
Deck of guys knitting


MSKR 2015 - Ian and Han
Ian and Han


MSKR 2015 - Jack
Jack looking through last year’s roster in his room


MSKR 2015 - Lars and Bill
Lars and Bill


MSKR 2015 - Matthew and Phil
Matthew and Phil


MSKR 2015 - Aaron and Jaye
Aaron and Jaye


MSKR 2015 - Aaron
Just Aaron


MSKR 2015 - Alasdair


MSKR 2015 - Bill Lars Ronnie Ray
Bill Lars Ronnie and Ray


MSKR 2015 - Bruce Lars Tom
Bruce and Tom (being photo bombed by sexy Lars)


MSKR 2015 - Bruce Tom
Bruce and Tom


MSKR 2015 - Chad


MSKR 2015 - Colin


MSKR 2015 - Dave and Leo
Dave and Leo


MSKR 2015 - Ian Phil
Ian and Phil


MSKR 2015 - Jay


MSKR 2015 - Jeff
Jeff (with Ron and Bill in the background)


MSKR 2015 - Kirk John Ronnie
Kirk, John and Ronnie


MSKR 2015 - Mark Stephen
Mark and Stephen


MSKR 2015 - Michael Ian and Phil(1)
Michael, Ian and Phil


MSKR 2015 - Michael(1)


MSKR 2015 - Nick and Jaye
Nick and Jaye


MSKR 2015 - Hammock final team copy
Hammock knitters and hangers (final team) – Raúl, me, Jaye, Kirk, Michael, Han and our mighty leader, Matthew


MSKR 2015 - Han
Han learning to weave


MSKR 2015 - Michael Matthew Steven
Matthew and Steven


MSKR 2015 - Nick Roy Veryl Patrick Mark
Nick, Roy, Veryl, Patrick and Mark


MSKR 2015 - Nick


MSKR 2015 - Patrick Tom Ron Bruce
Patrick, Tom, Ron and Bruce at the Tag Sale table


MSKR 2015 - Phil and Dave
Phil and Dave


MSKR 2015 - Phil and Ian
Ian and Phil


MSKR 2015 - Porch Matthew Phil Christopher Ray Rob Jaye
Matthew, Phil, Christopher, Ray, Rob and Jaye


MSKR 2015 - Raul


MSKR 2015 - Ray Scott Barry Alasdair Raúl Colin Mark
Ray, Scott, Barry, Alasdair, Raúl, Colin and Mark


MSKR 2015 - Ray


MSKR 2015 - Rob and Matthew
Rob and Matthew


MSKR 2015 - Rob


MSKR 2015 - Ron


MSKR 2015 - Roy Stephen
Roy and Stephen


MSKR 2015 - Stephen Ted Dennis
Stephen, Ted and Dennis


MSKR 2015 - Stephen


MSKR 2015 - Steve Patrick and Tom
Steve, Patrick and Tom


MSKR 2015 - Ted


MSKR 2015 - Tim and Ray A
Tim and Ray


MSKR 2015 - Tim Roy Ray
Tim Roy and Ray


MSKR 2015 - Tom Michael Dave Jack
Tom, Michael, Dave and Jack

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