MSKR 2015 - Joe arrival

2015 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat – The Setting

One of the general principals of the regional Men’s Knitting Retreats is that they take place in a beautiful/inspirational setting.

Easton Mountain

The venue for the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat has always been Easton Mountain Retreat Center in Greenwich, NY, and it certainly complies with the beauty/inspiration requirement.  Here are photos of retreat center and of some of the volunteers/residents/staff.

MSKR 2015 - Temple Pond
Chapel, pond and slope – the trifecta of serenity


MSKR 2015 - Spinning Wheel Farm
Spinning wheel farm…I think they breed each year


MSKR 2015 - Room Chairs
Adirondack seating in front of rooms


MSKR 2015 - Rick volunteer awesome
Awesome volunteer Rick


MSKR 2015 - Lilac
The lilacs were in bloom – fragrant


MSKR 2015 - Easton Road 3
Lush green and rutted road to heaven


MSKR 2015 - Easton Road 2
Sun rising to highlight the mountain
MSKR 2015 - Easton Road 1
Wishing I was back here


MSKR 2015 - Easton Mountain
Cars give the setting some perspective of size


MSKR 2015 - Easton Mountain 2
Upper pond and lower mountain peak


MSKR 2015 - Easton Mountain path 2
Gateway to happiness
MSKR 2015 - Chris volunteer extraordinaire(1)
Another awesome volunteer, Chris

MSKR 2015 - Cabin in the woods(1)

Current Knitting

While I don’t get much knitting done while I’m at the retreat, I have made a bit more progress on my niece’s blanket…need to finish it by the end of the month.

Niece Blanket 05-21-2015


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