Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2015

Is Memorial Day a solemn occasion to remember our fallen veterans or is it a day to take advantage of retail sales and gather with family and friends for cook-outs?


Originally, Memorial Day was always May 30th in the States and was clearly put on the calendar as an annual reminder to remember and be grateful for the sacrifices of the brave men and women who gave their lives to make this country great.  It was a day to honor the sacrifices they made for us.

Then, like all things honorable, corporations stepped in to make it all about them…they changed the date to the last Monday in May, so it would always be a three day weekend, and then turned it in to a day of discounted sale days for whatever they were hawking.

Most of you who know me, know I’m not overly religious, but I will take time out today to focus on the men an women that died to give me the life I value.

Final Photos – MSKR 2015 – Road Trips

Each year, we schedule a road trip to some fiber-related venue and this year, we got to see a tour of a local fiber mill – Battenkill Fibers.  MJ, Karin and Devlin showed off a most amazing place…if you’re ever up in that area, try to schedule some time to tour this wonderful place, run by fantastic people.

MSKR 2015 - Battenkill 8


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