The Extent of My Ignorance is Infinite

A few weeks ago, I had a profound revelation and realized that the amount that I don’t know, is infinitesimally large.

But That’s a Good Thing

This revelation also had a corollary…that the opportunity for growth and learning was also infinite.

I guess I’ve always known that I didn’t know everything and that I never would, but usually that thought came as some form of self-criticism or excuse for a mistake I had made.

The reason this was so revelatory is that I got to see how much opportunity I had.  And that I had a desire to pursue that opportunity for growth and learning.

Typically, I hate reading about others’ revelations…I’ve either had them already, and they’re not at all revelatory to me, or I don’t experience the realization in the same way they do.

All that being said, I still felt compelled to share this one.

One Last Men’s Knitting Retreat Note

The success of the retreat each year relies, in part, on the generosity of fiber-related vendors who donate prizes to the guys that we use as “thank-you gifts” when they volunteer to lead workshops.

I wanted to use every means possible to help promote those folks that help promote us, so please know that the following vendors are fucking awesome!

Thanks to our MOST GENEROUS supporters:

Please know that any patronage you have toward any of these businesses, helps promote the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat as well.

Current Knitting

Even though I’m going gangbusters on the latest blanket (since I got home from the retreat)…

Niece Blanket 05-27-2015

…I’ve still got about 3 feet left to knit on this beauty.  I’m thinking about doing this stitch pattern or some rendition of it for a number of future projects as well.

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