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It’s June and I Feel a Sweater Coming On

When sweaters are trending on my Pinterest board, I know it’s time I started a sweater project.

What’s Next

I have a lot of ideas for sweaters, but I’m not sure quite where I’ll land.

Lars gave a great workshop at the Men’s Knitting Retreat on designing a yoke sweater, so I might do that.  I’ve been thinking about doing a very lightweight, clingy, non-structured design.  I’ve also wanted to do some experimentation with color.

If you look at my Pinterest board for knitting, and have any thoughts on which direction you think I should head, I’d be glad for the feedback.

Current Knitting

In addition to adding a few repeats to the current blanket, I also started a new Koigu scarf/shawl design (maybe).

Koigu Lace Scarf 06-01-2015

God! Koigu’s colors are amazing…I know this photo is really just a teaser, since you can only see the Koigu colorway, and I could have just as easily shown that to you in the hank of yarn.  More to come soon.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Jo (via e-mail) and Kay T mentioned that the links to the vendors who help promote the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat weren’t working in my last post.  I have fixed them, so feel free to try again if you tried and they were broken.

Jo also noted that the expression “infinitesimally large” is another example of just how large my ignorance can be…the word “infinitesimally” means immeasurable or incalculably small.  See??…infinite opportunity for growth and learning…thank you for pointing that out.

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