queerjoe confession

Another QueerJoe Confession

After all my raging against people the text and drive, I have to admit, lately I have been a very distracted driver.

Texting While Driving

Not me…but watching out for others doing it.

Road rage for me used to be screaming at people that refused to get out of the left lane when they weren’t passing or going faster than the traffic to their right.

Today, it’s raging at the ass-hats looking down at their phones…the drivers that can’t monitor their speed, or can’t stay in their own lane, or who can’t use a turn signal because their hands are full.  My confession is that I’ve become so obsessed with looking for these jerks who disobey the law, that I’ve almost gotten in accidents myself because I was so distracted.

I have learned my lesson…distracted driving is distracted driving no matter what the reason for the distraction.

Current Knitting
I”m about 2/3rds finished with the niece blanket, and it’s turning out to be my favorite blanket design in a long time.

Niece Blanket and Joe 06-09-2015

I even love the yarn despite it’s less-than-natural content.  I love the softness, I love the feel and I definitely love the colors.   The blanket is warm, soft and spongy.  I love everything about it.


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