Finishing Up A Knitting Project

Finishing Up

The gratification of not just finishing a project, but documenting it well enough that others can knit it is always extremely gratifying.  But it always leaves me with choices of what to work on next.

Failed Attempts and Back to Older Project

I tried a couple of new designs and they just weren’t panning out, so I opted to go back an work on current works in progress.

I certainly have enough in my queue to choose from.

Current Crochet

I decided to pick up the Rowan Multicolor Crochet Blanket and see if I could make some progress on this.

LDK Crochet Blanket

Given that this project doesn’t travel well (changing color every 2 rows requires carrying around a lot of different color yarn), it’s a good thing I’m not traveling much these days.  The downside is the blanket is rather heavy for Summer crocheting, but mostly I’m working on it in air conditioning anyway.

Let’s see how much progress I make on it.

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