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Mixing Descriptives

It’s always impressed me when someone uses a descriptive term that is specific to one of the senses, but uses it to describe a completely different sensory experience…as an example…”the light touch of her fingers on my face was delicious.”

I Present To You a Cacophony  of Color

I know there are some people that actually experience sound as color…in fact, there’s even a word for it – synesthesia.

I have to believe that this experience of perceiving non-color-specific things in specific colors must make for a world that is outside the bounds of what most of us experience.

It’s possible, perhaps, that people like Kaffe, experience some version of synesthesia, and that’s why it’s so innate to experience colors in ways that are so appealing to regular Earthlings like myself.

My knitting design has largely been about trying to see colors in different ways…to play, to experiment, to try things that expand my ideas of color.  Perhaps I’ll never be as facile with color as people like Kaffe, but I will always strive to exercise that area of my brain.

Current Knitting

The Seven Up Koigu Scarf is complete!

Seven Up Koigu Scarf 11

Seven Up Koigu Scarf 16

Overall, like almost everything I do with Koigu, I love this scarf.  It’s colorful, it’s drapey and it was a lot of fun to knit and design.  It’s also quite a bit longer than I expected (72″) but that’s a bonus for many folks.  I was even able to get the pattern written up and published on Ravelry – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/seven-up-koigu-scarf.

Now I just need to buy some more Koigu to more fully expand my brain’s capacity to work with LOTS of color!

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