Steves Visit 2015

Family and Family

Many in the gay world have both family-of-origin and family-of-their-own-making. I have both, and I’m extremely grateful that both are wonderful and loving.

Texas Family Visit

My brother Steve is turning 60 next week and decided to bring his brood up to visit.  He’s not in the photo above (he took the photo) but he and his wife Lori have done an amazing job of parenting and now grandparenting a new generation of Wilcoxes.

Based on the photo he took, I have a tip for anyone getting their photo taken by an iPhone…make sure you’re more to the center of the photo than the outside edges…the lens on the iPhone 6 camera definitely makes things on the outer edges wider!

Project Open Hand Family

Kyle…one of my non-biological family members…is organizing a HUGE project in support of an amazing organization called Project Open Hand.

He’s asking for any donations of handmade shawls or wraps that could fetch $150 or more in an auction.  Read all about it here and especially what a great cause it’s supporting.

I opted to donated a Niebling design I did years ago in a gorgeous silk yarn from A Verb for Keeping Warm.


More photos can be seen from the original blog entry here.

Current Crochet

I saw a crochet stitch pattern on Pinterest that incorporated a crochet stitch called The Solomon’s Knot that I thought might look good using one of Koigu’s amazing colorways:

Colored Crochet Mesh

While I love the way the colors look fantastic, I am not overly thrilled with the stitch pattern itself.  I’ll have to keep working on it…but I did realize one thing…I love colorway P801 in Koigu KPPPM.

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