Healthy Opposition or Hater?

It’s been truly eye-opening as I expanded my friends on Facebook that there are many more haters than I would have thought, who were willing to accept my friend request.

Definition of Hater

To be clear, opposition to the ideas of progressives, liberals, the President, etc. are healthy and I am open to listening to what they have to say.

I am, however, growing less and less tolerant of the folks that look for every opportunity to insult, undermine, smear or destroy the current White House administration or other liberals or progressives.

You may be a hater if:

  1. …you’ve ever insisted the President is a Muslim.
  2. …you’ve ever stated that the President is a socialist.
  3. …you’ve ever said publicly that the President is “race baiting.”
  4. …you think the President is trying to “take away our guns.”
  5. …you’re planning for the day when you’ll need to defend yourself against our government.
  6. …you think it’s okay to pay oil companies huge subsidies, or give them multi-million dollar tax credits, but we should drug-test anyone on social welfare.
  7. …you’ve ever flown or displayed the confederate flag as a symbol of “Southern pride.”
  8. …you’ve never once…not once…given the President credit for doing anything good for this country.
  9. …you think it’s okay to allow Donald Trump to call Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers, but not okay for former Attorney General Eric Holder to ask for reviews of police brutality toward the black community.
  10. …you believe we should guard against all Muslims when Mohammad Abdulazeez shoots multiple people, but didn’t say the same thing about Christians when they gun down doctors at abortion clinics.

Please don’t stop opposing laws and practices and points of view you’re opposed to…but you might want to reexamine your motives if you find yourself in any of the 10 situations above.

Current Crochet

Moving right along on the Rowan LDK crochet blanket (no, I resisted starting a new, smaller, faster-moving project to make the blog entries a bit more interesting…sorry).

Rowan LDK Afghan 07-27-2015

I added nine color stripes to the afghan, and now I’m at about 38 inches long.

Rowan LDK Afghan 06-25-2015

I also paused for a little bit of time working on this project to weave in a few ends and wind balls of yarn for future color stripes.

Rowan LDK Afghan 07-25-2015

Believe it or not, after this project, I need to start another niece blanket…one of my nieces saw me giving her younger sister a finished blanket last week, and she was all like, WTF!?!?…lol…so I assured her I would be glad to make one for her as well…and I am.

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