Unique2 License Plate

I’m Different…Just Like Everybody Else!

Trying to stand out, to be different…it seems like such an adolescent goal in many ways.  I would think most people would have reached that goal by some time in their twenties, and then just proceeded to take pride in the person they continue to evolve into.

Vanity Indeed

A middle-aged driver had this vanity plate on her car and it gave Thaddeus and I a good long chuckle.

The irony indeed.

As a 56 year old gay man, the days of trying to find an identity are far behind me.  I try to present to the World the man I have become, with some level of self-confidence that it’s what I intended.  I have grown to like who I am and, hopefully without any hubris, I can say my place in the World is quite fitting for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still evolving, but the core of who I am is pretty solid and known.

It’s a very satisfying place to be, and I don’t need to spend extra money on personalized license plates to prove anything.

Current Knitting

Made some fair progress on the Koigu Zanzibar Scarf.

Zanzibar 08-04-2015-4

Suffice it to say, this is by far, the best use of Koigu I think I’ve ever knit or crochet.  Even with all the loose ends sticking out, the colors are vibrant and wonderful…everything I hope for when I look at one of the hanks of Koigu in my stash or in a yarn store.

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