Sheep and Wool GSSBAF 2019 - 07

Sheep & Wool Festival Season

I was just reminded that next month starts off the season for festivals all about sheep, wool, knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning and all things fiber.

List of Sheep and Wool Festivals

Well, I guess the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival really already kicked off the beginning of the East Coast season, and I’m sure there are tons of other festivals in the region that I don’t even know about, but here are the three I sometimes find myself attending:

Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival – September 12th and 13th

Southern Adirondack Sheep and Wool – September 26th and 27th

New York State Sheep and Wool – October 17th and 18th

The first two festivals in September are small and accessible, but still attract enough independent vendors.  I rarely go to the Rhinebeck anymore…it’s just gotten way too big for me and not that enjoyable.  Given how close together the first two are, I may have to make a decision as to which I go to.

Current Knitting

Knitting the Zanzibar pattern has still kept me completely enthralled with how well the patterning of the space-dyed Koigu yarns shows up in Kieran’s pattern.

dZanzibar Koigu 08-10-2015 Front

The pattern calls for 18 repeats (I think), but I’ll probably end up doing about 22…we’ll see how long my Koigu lasts, but this scarf will be stunning when it’s done.  Like Kieran writes in his pattern, the back looks great too.

Zanzibar Koigu 08-10-2015 Back

And as an added bonus for you Finn lovers, here’s a quick snapshot of him frolicking among my knitting library.

Finn in Book Case


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