Luscious Longwool 08-23-2015

Farewell Joyous Wheel

The flea market find of the century for me, the Clemes & Clemes spinning wheel, will find it’s new home today in Albany.

But Not Before I Had My Way With Her

I couldn’t let this beauty of a wheel go without a full cycle of spinning and plying.

So, I finished spinning up the one bobbin-full of singles using the Luscious Longwool from Weston Hill Farms.  Finn approved.

Luscious Longwool and Finn

I then transferred half the singles onto each of two bobbins from my Louet wheel and plied up the entire mess.

Luscious Longwool - two bobbins

Luscious Longwool - Plying 1

I did end up washing the hank of yarn and it bloomed significantly!

Luscious Longwool Yarn 3

I loved working with this fiber…it was very different than most prepared fibers I’ve worked with, and I wouldn’t recommend that a new spinner start with this fiber.  Ideas have been spinning around in my head as to what I will use this yarn for.

I have also never used a double-band-tensioned spinning wheel before and Aaron is in for a treat.

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