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More Flea Market Finds

While not anywhere near as valuable as the spinning wheel we bought the other week, today’s finds at the flea market were still quite fun (and cheap!).

Vintage-y Needlework

I’ve always loved the vintage knitting and crochet and spinning items when I come across them.  They remind me of the old Patons book I learned to knit from almost 30 years ago.  They also remind me of the long history of knitting before me.

Today’s haul from the flea market almost included a big bag of leftover crochet cotton, but the vendor at that table was ignoring me, so I figured I wasn’t meant to own that.  But two other vendors were quite pleasant and eager to sell.

Boye Crochet Hooks - 1

Vintage Magazines 1

I needed more steel crochet hooks like I need a hole in my head, but at $2, I figured I couldn’t go wrong.  I figure if $2 will buy me a photo op for the blog, it’s worth it!

The magazines were worth it at 50 cents each…usually the vintage magazines go for a dollar and don’t get down to 50 cents a piece until you buy a bunch.  I also figure if I get one good design idea out of any of these four booklets, it will be worth the $2 investment.  Plus, they didn’t smell musty or smokey.  Score!

Current Crochet

I did some additional work on the Rowan LDK crochet afghan.

Rowan LDK Afghan 08-23-2015 Close

I still have quite a bit more work to do on this project, but I have put aside four balls of the Rowan LDK in a light blue color that I will use for some kind of simple border for this afghan, so at least I’m looking at the end.

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