Because of automated spam programs, there are certain words I try to avoid like the plague.

Okay Vacay?

So, I’m away this week relaxing in Martha’s Vineyard.

Every time I use the “V” word, and no, I don’t mean vagina…I get spam in my comments.

I have spam protection that usually won’t publish these comments until I approve them, but still I try not to use the word in comments.

Current Crochet

I decided to take a small, portable project with me, in case I had the urge to do needlework.

Crochet Beads and Dasani

A while ago, I made crochet “beads” and I really loved the way they came out.  So I figured I’d work on making a bunch more of these in my time away.  I’m honestly not sure how many I’ll get finished.

They’re nice and small, they require very little materials to schlep with me and they’re cotton, so they don’t get me all hot and sweaty.

See you when I get home.

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