Tragedy, Restoration and Safeguarding

Yes, it happened, I cracked the glass covering on my iPhone 6 while I was on vacation.

I Was So Naïve

Having dropped my iPhone 4S a number of times, with no ill effect, I made the assumption that the iPhone 6 would be equally as durable and that I didn’t need a case for it.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The shattered glass of my iPhone 6 happened with a very minor drop of the phone…less than 12 inches from the ground, it dropped and fell flat on its back on a flagstone patio.  And the front of it shattered.

The phone still worked, and even without AppleCare, I was able to get the glass replaced for about $120, but I did lose a little faith in the quality of Apple products because of the event.

I have also decided I clearly need a case for my phone…one with a bumper that protects the edge of the glass and also a screen cover that will buffer any future drops of the phone.

Here’s the one I ordered (based on the advice of a number of young people who know about these things):

It’s the  iPhone 6S Case, SUPCASE Apple iPhone 6 Hybrid Bumper Cover.  I think it’s only available through Amazon, but I’ve been treating my repaired iPhone very gingerly while I await its arrival.

Current Knitting

I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to FINALLY finish the kid alpaca blanket/coffin cover.

Kid Alpaca Blanket 09-10-2015-2

It’s not finished yet…I’ve completed the body of the blanket and two of the edges, and I’ve just started the third edge.  I’ve realized I have a bunch of ideas and creative fiber-thoughts in my head that requires me to finish up loose ends so I can work on the new ideas.

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