Uh…No…Just No

I don’t think any amount of money or incentive could ever get me to have anything to do with the Moab Monkeys’ hand knit hammock in the Mountains of Utah.

Fear of Heights

I am definitely afraid of being in high places…I hate glass elevators…I felt like I almost died when I went on the glass floor in the CN Tower in Toronto…just overlooking a few stories of height takes my breath away and makes me dizzy.

So risking life and limb by tightrope walking onto a hammock suspended 400 feet above a canyon floor is not my idea of exciting.

I’m a little trembly just thinking about it as I type this.

Just to prove I’m not anti-hammock, I did participate in the creation of a hand knit hammock at the last Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat.

MSKR 2015 - Hammock final team(1)

A mere 2 feet from the ground, I even used the hammock and wasn’t the least bit fearful.

Current Knitting

Diligently continued knitting the border for the kid aplaca blanket.

Kid Alpaca Blanket 09-21-2015-4

It’s getting close enough to being finished that I think I ought to stop calling it a coffin cover.  I’ve finished three borders and have begun knitting the fourth and final border.

I also felt I needed to have a “living room project” for the times when I’m not watching television downstairs.

Ric Rac Scarf 09-21-2015

Plus, it’s nice to have a project with more immediate satisfaction and results.  This is the Ric Rac scarf by Jo Burton from Lorna’s Lace/Haymarket that I got at the Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival.  Seeing the scarf in person convinced me to buy the yarn for it…it’s a one-skein scarf in the pattern, but I’m alternating between two colorways and will make it a bit wider and quite a bit longer as a result.

Ric Rac Scarf 09-21-2015 Close

It’s a fun pattern and makes a nice drapey fabric.

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