Church should not fear change, pope says at close of Bishop's gathering

Where are the Catholic Boycotts Now?

With all the hate coming out of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News other conservative media about the pope, it’s shocking the Catholics aren’t saying “Enough!”

Why Is It?

Where is Representative Joe Wilson, yelling “You Lie!” when this man is in front of the nation?  Why is it that this man commands more respect than our president?  Why is it that Christian conservatives hate the very ideas Christ would be espousing if he walked the Earth today?

Hypocrites…selfish, hateful, hypocrites each and every one of them.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a big fan of the Pope…I don’t see that he has effected any of the change he speaks about, but I am a HUGE fan of his ideas about the poor, about capitalism and about climate change.

Current Knitting

Since Wednesday, I’ve made minimal progress on the fourth and final edge of the kid alpaca blanket and the Ric Rac scarf…work has been a bit crazy lately.

But I am thinking that Rowan is making a big comeback lately and I need to get back to my Rowan Tilt Cardigan I started a while ago.

Tilt 09-22-14(1)

I’ve heard the latest Rowan Magazine (58 if you’re counting) is quite good.  Need to go grab a copy of it.

Rowan 58


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