MSKR 2015 - Spinning Wheel Farm

The Joy and Serenity of Fiber Preparation

Every step of any fiber-related craft that brings me closer to the sheep or animal where the fiber came from, is one that I enjoy the most.

Sheep Love

Years ago, I had the privilege of taking a workshop with Nelda Davis on “Fiber Preparation.”  It was an amazing day of learning and I learned about everything from “sheep to shawl” when it comes to how wool and other fibers are processed to become fodder for knitting.

I learned words such as skirting, carding, crimp, staple, noil, scouring, top, woolen, etc.

I find incredible satisfaction in working with a fleece, or carding fiber or blending to fibers on a drum card.  It can be truly wonderful to watch a matted, clump of fleece turn into a cloud of roving that is worthy of spinning into a fine yarn.

Current Fiber Preparation

I decided I wanted to start preparing some of the glorious first-shearing mohair from one of Mindy’s goats, Adama.

Adama Carding 09-27-2015

I plan on blending this beautiful, silky mohair with some other fiber, but I haven’t decided what it will be blended with yet.

I almost did a short video so I could show the movement and the luster and the silkiness of this lovely fiber.  It is going to make an a beautiful yarn and it made me feel like a magician being able to convert those wavy locks into a fluffy cloud of roving.

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