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The Satisfaction of Persistence

I have always said that the most critical character trait for being a successful knitter is persistence.

About 13 Years of Persistence

In October, 2002 (one month before I started writing this blog), on US2 needles, I started to knit the kid alpaca bed spread.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to mark this one as complete in my Ravelry projects.

The photos above show the blanket spread out on a queen size bed.  The final measurements of the blanket are 64″ x 78″.

I finished weaving in the last of many ends yesterday and sometime this week I will gently wash this blanket and lay it out to block and dry.

I honestly never envisioned the day when this blanket would be complete.  It requires me to decide on whether I want to set a new persistence challenge for myself in the area of knitting.

The feeling of accomplishment on this project was certainly very satisfying.

Current Knitting

In addition to finishing up the kid alpaca blanket, I also get some additional inches added on to the Ric Rac scarf.

Ric Rac Scarf 10-04-2015-2

So far, this project has been a lousy project to blog about.  I can’t seem to get a great photo of the scarf, the colors aren’t blending quite as well as I had hoped they would and it’s impossible to get across how soft and drapey this scarf is.

But if I can stick to knitting a project for 13 years, I can certainly finish this scarf.

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