Jon Stewart: 'When you get someone arrested, you start to feel closer to them.'

QueerJoe’s Moment of Zen

Whenever someone seems to be a voice of sanity in a crazy World, I find serenity in that voice.

I Miss Jon Stewart

Don’t get me wrong, I think Trevor Noah is a great choice for taking over for Jon Stewart and I find him incredibly funny.  I also think the show is still written extremely well.

But I grew to love watching Jon Stewart…even his mediocre shows were better than most choices on television.

I also think Mr. Stewart made a smart choice as to when to turn over the reins to someone else.

Can you imagine anyone that could ever have the whole package that was Jon Stewart?  He’s smart, insightful, willing to call “bullshit”, fearless of backlash and exceptionally funny.

I will continue to watch the Daily Show and I will also continue to miss Jon Stewart for at least a little while longer.

Current Knitting and Spinning

I have added about a foot to my current scarf project (Ric Rac Scarf) and have about one more foot to go.  I have also done a bit more spinning on the Luscious Longwool.

Since spinning is like my Tai Chi, I’ll leave you with a video of me just spinning for a couple of minutes with one of my favorite Namoli Brennet songs playing in the background.

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