Finn 10-10-2015

Fiber Arts Obstructionist

When it comes to blocking my efforts at spinning or knitting, my cat Finn has become like the U.S. Senate of obstructionism.

Am I the Obama of Fiber?

It seems like practically every time I sit down to spin or recline to knit, the handsome boy needs some urgent petting.  And who could resist his demands?

The minute this little one hears the spinning wheel start up or sees me head to my knitting couch (yes, I have a couch devoted to knitting), he is insistent on being securely in my lap and being pet until he’s ready to take a nap (in my lap).  Once he’s ready for his nap, I can continue knitting, but spinning usually comes to a stand-still at as soon as he’s up in my lap.

As obsessed as I am with knitting and spinning, I don’t mind giving priority to Finn.  And as you’ll note below, despite all attempts at obstructing progress, like Obama, I have been successful in getting things done anyway.

Current Knitting and Spinning

There are some moments of the day when I can successfully get some knitting and spinning completed.

I have started a couple of new knitting projects, but I think I may wait until I’m past the first trimester with either of them before I announce anything about them…I’m just thinking that at least one of them may not be completed…we’ll see.

Spinning however, I have made some significant progress working on the three different colored balls of Luscious Longwool from Weston Hill Farms.  You’ll recall perhaps, that I had finished spinning and plying the red fiber and then moved onto the undyed fiber.  I finished spinning up the singles:

Luscious Longwool White 10-10-2015-05

I then wound off half of the singles onto a second bobbin and set up for plying:

Luscious Longwool White 10-10-2015-06

Finally, I got it all plied and hanked up.

Given the momentum, I had to start on the final ball.

Luscious Longwool Teal 10-10-2015-02

The color is a rich, saturated teal…just beautiful wool.  I have to admit, I wouldn’t recommend this wool for a beginner spinner, as it takes quite a bit of attention to spin uniformly, but I have loved working with it.  I would also recommend spinning the undyed fiber and dying it after it’s spun and plied, if you’re willing to dye.

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