Technology Confusion

Befuddled By Technology

I’ve been working with computers for most of my adult life, but I still find so many pockets of technology that completely confound me.

More Languages Than India

I always like asking my Indian friends how many languages they know because it’s often a long list since there are so many regional languages in that country.

Trying to untangle all the languages necessary to understand various technologies is a lot less enjoyable sometimes.

Having worked with mainframes computers, UNIX-basednetwork servers, personal computers with DOS operating systems, Windows-based computers, Apple computers and various cell phones and smart phones, my list of languages should be extensive.  So I would have thought that it wouldn’t be too difficult to quickly understand how to use technology that I have never seen before.

Two recent examples have made me change my mind about that assumption.

Graphics Software

These programs have a language all unto themselves and I am not very familiar with them at all.  Layers, vectors, despeckle…and don’t even start on 3-D graphics software…the vocabulary expands exponentially when you increase the dimensions.


Yes, I am baffled by this software.  I listen to songs and podcasts on my iPhone and I think I successfully synch my phone to my MacBook, but I really have no understanding of what I’m doing.  I just keep clicking on things and hope I get the result I’m looking for.  I thought it was only me until WonderMike mentioned on Facebook how complex he finds it as well.

Current Knitting

I think I mentioned I have a couple new projects started.  Today I’ll only discuss one of them since I’m pretty certain I will continue on to finish it.

Niece Blanket 10-14-2015-03

I’ve decided to start another Niece blanket with a very simple design that is working extremely well with the Seasons yarn by Ella Rae.  Some of the nicest acrylic blend yarn I’ve worked with and I couldn’t be more pleased with how the two colorways look in this simple design.

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