New Hope Free Library

Back to the Library

When I first moved to New Hope over 25 years ago, I used to love walking through the musty aisles of our free library and look at the book covers and pick out a few books to read over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Then I Stopped

My life got busy I guess, and I stopped visiting the library each week or two.  I didn’t stop reading, but I stopped going to the library.  At all.

Before I knew it, I had that old-fashioned sort of library card that used to imprint my name and card number on an actual piece of paper, and I knew, based on how technologically savvy most libraries are, that it was completely useless.  A little over a year ago, I went through the process of updating my library card (as I suspected, it was all now electronic), but I still never made my way back to the library.

Until this past week!

What a joy it was being back in the hushed aisles of authors, titles and plastic covered dust jackets.

I did have to re-re-new my library card, but I was still able to take out 3 books.  I’ve already begun reading it and couldn’t be more pleased.

My, how I’ve missed the library all these years.

Current Knitting

I’ve almost doubled the work on the latest knitted niece blanket.

Niece Blanket 10-19-2015-01

Niece Blanket 10-19-2015-02

All this (as well as a second project I’m still debating on continuing), despite Finn’s insistence on being in my lap every time I take up some form or knitting or reading.

Finn on Niece Blanket


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