Mixed Nuts

Joy of Nuts

Trying to avoid white stuff in my diet, like flour and sugar, I have been eating nuts for years.  Two events have made me realize what a difference the quality and freshness can make in nuts.

Quantity and Quality

For years, we bought standard nuts from our local grocery store…I think we kept Planters in business for a while.

Then we got a membership at Costco and realized not only were their huge jugs of nuts less expensive than the grocery store, but they were also a higher quality.  Pistachios and cashews and almonds all tasted better and had a better texture.

Recently, Thaddeus started working at a local retailer of fresh roasted nuts, and again, my nut-eating world has been turned upside down.  They get huge boxes of fresh nuts from all over the World, roast them directly on premises and sell them directly.  Thaddeus brought home some pecans last night and they were like nothing I had ever eaten before.


I’m not sure if it’s how they roast their nuts, or the fact that I get to eat them within hours of when they’re roasted, but they are incredible.

I never knew.

Current Knitting

I’ve finally decided that I will continue a project I started last week.  I’m still not sure that I like it, but I like it well enough to finish it at least.

Cotton Bag 10-21-2015

This is a very fine gauge (US 0 – 2mm needles and crochet cotton size 8).  Eventually, it will be a tote bag…it will be lined and will be able to hold an iPad and other random items.

Cotton Bag 10-22-2015

We’ll see how it turns out, but I have always loved working on small needles.

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