Bishop Joe

Gratitude and Spirituality

Just wondering how much a role spirituality plays in most people’s lives.

Estimating Sainthood Chances

Okay, so I don’t anticipate being made a saint…ever…or really even believe in saints.

But, if someone had asked me up until recently what percent of my life was focused on spirituality, I probably would have estimated less than 1%.

But recently, I was asked to post a “gratitude” item every day in November for Facebook, and I started being more cognizant of when I consider aspects of “spirit” in my life and realize it’s quite a bit more than I had first realized.

Yes, I do some meditation and prayer…that was the less than 1% piece I was considering.

But then I realized, that every time I listen carefully to friends or family telling me about their lives, or enjoy being with my mom, or spend time tending to Finn to make his life as enjoyable as possible or volunteering to set up chairs for a gathering…the list started to get bigger and bigger, and I realized I really needed to expand my definition of spiritual pursuits and give myself a bit more credit toward sainthood.

I’m still a long way off, but at least I’m not like Chris Christy’s poll numbers anymore.

Current Knitting

Continuing to work on my two W’sIP, but only one has enough for a progress photograph.

Crochet Cotton Bag - 10-29-2015

Most of the rest of this sack will be done in the current color of green I’m working with.  If I have enough green to make the bag as long as I want, it will all be green from here to the end.  If not, I will add some additional accent stripes toward the bottom.

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