If all words

Gratitudinally Yours

Trying to communicate in a way that is accurate and makes sense to people…for me…often times requires wordventing…or making up words that clearly get across my meaning and work within the context of a sentence.

Justifiablizing Wordventing

English vocabulary can be very limiting, and so I will sometimes actionalize a word so that it fits the context and everyone hearing/reading the made-up word will know exactly what I mean.

In my mind, if corporate sheeple can all rally around ridiculous terms and expressions like “out of pocket” when “unavailable” would do just as well (especially since “out of pocket” really means unreimbursed for reimbursable expenses…or at least it did until it was completely co-opted by the corporate morons), then I can extemporaneate words whenever I want to as well.

At least my made-up words make sense and don’t require explanation (usually).

With all that being said, the month of November is all about Thanksgiving in the U.S. and Facebook has created a month of daily gratitudes as a kind of chain letter.  I am participating by posting something for which I’m grateful each day.

Current Knitting

There seems to be a phase in every project when I feel like I’m knitting like a crazy person with very little results to show in photographs.  But I have indeed been knitting like crazy on my two latest projects and I’ll let you be the decider on how much progress I’ve been making.

Niece Afghan 11-02-2015

The niece blanket seems to be REFUSING to grow.  I may need to wrestle this one ahead.

Crochet Cotton Bag 11-02-2015

The crochet cotton bag has moved along, but not the remainder is just one color.

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