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A Knitter’s BFF

The most valuable resource for a new knitter…and sometimes even a longtime knitter…is a best friend that knows more about knitting than you.

Debbie Bliss – My New BFF

There is a new knitting guide out, by a very successful and talented knitwear designer and yarn manufacturer, Debbie Bliss.  And it’s very good.

The Knitters Book of Knowledge Debbie Bliss

The Knitters Book of Knowledge by Debbie Bliss, I predict, will become the new standout guide for knitters and should be a required resource in every knitters’ library.

The Pros

  • Extensive tips and techniques many knitters want
  • Authored by one of the foremost experts on knitting
  • Tons of graphics, visuals and diagrams to help describe techniques
  • Clear and appealing layout is consistent throughout the book
  • Well-organized sections in a sequence that is logical and well thought out
  • Extensive Table of Contents and Index, making finding specific techniques very easy
  • Inexpensive – Hardback copy on Amazon (here in the U.S.) is only $18.35

The Cons

  • As with any comprehensive knitting guide, it’s geared toward many audiences, so complex techniques are intermingled with beginner’s instructions.
  • Missing some important techniques (or difficult to find in index), especially finishing techniques like sewing up, weaving in ends, joining a new ball of yarn, etc.

I’ve only been browsing through the book for a little over a day, so my critique is limited, but overall, I’m highly impressed with Ms. Bliss’ latest masterpiece and highly recommend getting it…either for yourself, or for your best friend that knits.

Current Knitting
I finished the crochet cotton bag…at least the bag part of it, but it photographs badly, so I’ll wait to present it on the blog after it’s lined, sewn up a bit and has some structure.

However, I have also done some additional work on the niece blanket.

Niece Blanket 11-11-2015

Niece Blanket 11-12-2015

It’s turning out to be a beautifully soft and warm blanket, but it’s also starting to get more and more unwieldy as I have to keep flopping it over and over to knit back and forth.

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