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Lucky 13

Last week was my 13th blogiversary…amazing to me that I’ve been blogging for that 13 years.

Even More Amazing

As I looked back at the earlier blog entries, I realized I had completely forgotten quite what it took to publish a blog back then.

With tools like Blogger, it’s easy to post a blog with tons of photos and formatting of text and hypertext links and all sorts of on-line magic.  There are also a ton of easily found graphics (like the one above) that I can import easily to illustrate a blog post.

Early on, just a photo required that I connect my old digital camera to my computer and copy photos to a specified folder.  Then I had to edit the photos and FTP them to the web server that hosted my blog.   Then, and only then, could I write the HTML that would display a photo on a blog entry…having to specify, size, file name and not having any typos in my HTML was a constant test of my patience.

Now it’s a few clicks to share a vivid photo, but it takes only a few minutes at most.

Of course, I still have to try and come up with fresh, interesting topics to blog about.

Current Knitting

Actually, it should be “Current Sewing” as I finished the lining for the crochet cotton bag.

Crochet Cotton Bag 11-15-2015

For the people that sew, you can clearly see the lining is inside-out, and obviously not yet lining the bag.  But I wanted to show that the bag will have an inner pocket.  I also have to say that my sewing skills suck, and this simple sewing task took me to the limits of my sewing abilities…this satin-like fabric I used does not tolerate mistakes very well and it’s so damn slimy to work with!

Overall, I’m still quite happy with the result.

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