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Perhaps I Share Too Much

There was an old advertisement for Cracker Jacks that declared, it’s nice to “share.”  I guess I took that message to heart.

New Ways of Sharing

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have been subject to 30 days of what I’m grateful for.  Some items were very personal.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll note I’ve started using Periscope, which is a feature that allows me to “live broadcast” portions of my life via video.  My first few attempts at broadcasting have been boring at best, but I’m hopeful since Twitter owns this app, that it will catch on and folks will start to follow me and watch my live broadcasts.

And if you’re a faithful reader of QueerJoe, you’ll note that I’ve started peppering my posts with embedded YouTube videos.  Today’s section on Current Knitting has one of the most boring ones you’ll ever see on my sight, but to be fair, I have been working on one of the most boring knitting tasks ever, so I thought I’d share the pain.

Feel free to comment with any feedback if you love or hate any of the sharing methods…or any feeling in between.

Current Knitting

I finally decided to put my nose to the grindstone and finish the sewing up of the second strap for the crochet cotton bag.  Please feel free to share in the joy of completion:

At least I hoped you enjoyed the music during the time lapse piece.

Crochet Cotton Bag 11-30-2015

Now all I have to do is do a bit of machine sewing to add more structure to the second strap, sew in the straps and sew in a zipper at the top.

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