Kaffe Dreaming in Color

Design Dreaming

Every once in a while, when I’m obsessed with a project I’m working on, I’ll envision how it should look and how I’ll construct it in my dreams.

Deeply Rooted Understanding

Any time I’ve wanted to truly absorb a concept, dreaming or daydreaming about it has always helped me gain a broad and clear understanding.

Spinning was a good example.  I can’t tell you how many hours of conscious and unconscious time I spent envisioning drafting wool, treadling, adding twist, plying.  By the time I had dreamt it so clearly, I was practically spinning wool like I had been doing it for years.

Similarly, my latest project…the crochet cotton bag…was envisioned extensively before I actually executed various parts of it…the shaping of the bottom of the bag, the sewing up of the lining, the design of the straps and the sewing in of the zipper.

By the time the bag was finished, I had actually completed and re-completed various aspects of the project dozens of times before I actually finished that part of the bag.

I can’t say all this envisioning of the process made for a perfect project, but overall, I’m quite pleased with the result.

Current Knitting

Here’s the finished bag.

Crochet Cotton Bag Finished 2

I do have a few minor changes I need to make, and then when I get my first iPad, it will be a perfect bag to carry it around in.

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